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Two elderly veterans

Veterans Day is an opportunity for us to gather as a nation and celebrate the men and women who have served in the armed forces. We honor their work, dedication, and commitment to making this country stronger. As a civilian, there are lots of ways you can show your thanks on Veterans Day. Here are 4 thoughtful ways you can honor the vets in your community:

  1.  Attend a Veterans Day Event
    Many cities have special events on Veterans Day. You should be on the lookout for parades, walks, or memorial gatherings.  Just showing up will mean a lot to the veterans who have committed their lives to service.
  2. Volunteer with a Veterans Organization
    Locate a VA hospital in your city and ask if they need any volunteers. Many hospitals will be thankful for the extra pair of hands as they prep for Veterans Day events. Be sure to let the staff know about any previous volunteer experience you may have so they can find the best task for you.
  3. Write a Veteran
    For armed service members, letters from civilians are a welcome reminder of home. Programs like Operation Gratitude can help pair you with a veteran to send postcards, care packages, and more.
  4. Hang the U.S. Flag – Correctly
    Celebrate veterans by hanging your flag on Veterans Day. Just be sure you adhere to the correct flag procedure as outlined by the U.S. Military Services.