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Did you know Earth Day was established on April 22, 1970 after millions of people around the world began noticing the devastating effects of a growing population and industrial development not only in the environment, but in the health of children? Earth Day is a civic-focused opportunity where nearly a billion people participate in raising awareness about the environment and celebrate the progress we have made by giving back to the community. While the holiday may be global in size, there are plenty of fun and free ways you can celebrate Earth Day by helping protect and conserve more energy for you and the world around you.

Help save your world by participating in these mindful acts of awareness.

1. Get outdoors and unplug.

Put down your smartphones, turn off the tube, and reframe your routine. This may be obvious, but spending the day outside is a great way to help reconnect not only spiritually, but emotionally with yourself, family, or friends. It also makes you aware of the things around you that are real, like nature.  Fortunately, National Park Week, which runs from April 16th-24th, coincides with Earth Day! On April 21st, the first day of National Park Week, all national parks waive their admission fees and anyone can enjoy the beauty of nature for FREE! Check out free entrance days in the parks for more information!

If you’re hitting the road for a day trip to a national park, make sure your car insurance includes Roadside Assistance. While nature is beautiful, getting stranded in the woods with bears, is not.

2. Plant it for the planet.

Without going into a scientific long-winded explanation as to why planting is good for the environment, just know that if you plant a tree, a bush, a plant or seed, you’re not only doing something productive for the earth, but also for yourself. Make it a fun experience with family and friends. Share a photo of you and your plant on social media with us at #DirectCares and with your followers!

3. Reduce your footprint.

Less is more when it comes to zooming around town. For those who can’t walk, take the bus, or bike to their destination, they have no choice but to drive. While not everyone can afford an electric car, there are several ways you can get more mileage out of your tank. Keep your car’s lifespan running longer with these tips from Direct Auto insurance so you don’t have to constantly fill up your tank and pollute the environment with more carbon gas. If you plan to hit the road for a day trip, here are some great one-tank gas destinations around the U.S. that could save you money on the miles.

4. Bottled water is out, water bottles are in.

While the person who invented bottle water may be making a major profit, the earth and your wallet aren’t. All of those plastic bottles are ending up everywhere, including the ocean. Trade up for a bottle of water you can fill yourself and bring wherever you go! Purchasing bottles of water can add up quickly. Not to mention, carrying your own colorful washable and reusable water bottled is much more fun!

5. Paper or plastic?

The next time your grocery clerk asks if you would like “Paper or Plastic,” do neither! Instead, opt for a one-time purchase of reusable grocery bags and keep them in your car for easy access.

Doesn’t that feel good? Celebrating Earth Day is like saving the world. You can be your own hero when you participate in a global cause.  How will you spend your Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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