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Need a recipe to host a fun and affordable football party for the BIG game? Snack on this! Hosting a football party doesn’t require a lot of extra entertaining, just a TV with the volume up, a great seating area, and a food table for people to munch on in-between commercial breaks. Sound too easy? Impress your guests this year with these easy and affordable tips that will set you up for a winning and memorable football party.

  1. DIY Football Decorations

Bring the outdoors in by creating your own indoor picnic table with all of your tasty treats spread out on a picnic blanket as a tablecloth. Place a picnic basket on the table stashed with chip bags or other goodies. Need extra seating? Set up folding or camping chairs for an added element of fun. Decorate tables with footballs or helmets for centerpieces.

  1. Finger Food Must-Haves

Who said brown bags have to be boring? Put your pretzels, popcorn, or peanuts in brown bags decorated with football plays to pass around to guests, making cleanup a breeze! Everyone loves a good bowl of salsa, cheese dip, or guacamole; however, you also need some hearty finger foods to set the football party mood. Try these delectable classic mini meals from The Penny Hoarder. Don’t forget to throw in a few healthy options as well like spinach-artichoke dip, mini turkey burgers with gorgonzola, or twice-baked potatoes! For dessert? Make a cake or cupcakes in the shape of a football!

  1. Dress for Your Team

Encourage your guests to wear the colors of their team or their favorite jersey. For those die-hard fans, provide face paint for people to wear under their eyes or write out the names of favorite players to tape on the back of shirts. Most importantly, be comfortable! Sweatpants and sneakers are the life!

  1. Play Your Own Game

If you have a whistle, be the referee at your own party game! Have guests write down their predictions on a piece of paper using a clipboard, or put their name and team pick in a bowl. Award the winners with a jar of your favorite treats or a prize of your choosing.

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