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Direct Auto 500

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! We’re excited to introduce the Direct Auto 500: our humorous, light-hearted play on racing with a twist. Using toy cars, a childhood favorite, we’ve created a playful racing series with monthly themes fitting to the time of year.

Follow us on TikTok to watch the races and get a glimpse into the making of the Direct Auto 500 with behind-the-scenes footage and maybe even some funny outtakes. Who will be declared the winner? Who will struggle to make it to the finish line?

Check back here regularly, where we’ll announce the winners every month from now until September as we build towards the Series of Champions!


Who hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution? Better yet, who has kept a New Year’s resolution? Many of us have positive changes we want to commit to in the new year, but which ultimately end up winning? Well, we are about to find out. This January, many of these aptly named racecars will compete against each other on the track. We’re excited to see who finishes on top and who winds up last!

  1. Make Mo’ Money Bentley
  2. Save Mo’ Money Honda Civic
  3. Lose Weight Nissan R390 GTI (Look out for the red racecar!)
  4. Dry January Honda E (This one is an electric car!)
  5. Mental Health Jeep Woody
  6. No Smoking’69 Charger (Whoa! It has flames on the side!)
  7. Banish Toxic People Datsun 510 Wagon (Flowers adorn the side of this car.)
  8. Get a Job Taxi

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January’s Champion – Lose Weight Nissan R390 GTI


Does love always win? We’d like to think so! This February, the month of love, the following Valentine’s Day-themed cars are racing to the finish line. Stay tuned to see who wins on the track and who wins the hearts of fans!

  1. Swipe Right McLaren 720S
  2. Swipe Left Rodger Dodger
  3. The Ghost LB Lamborghini
  4. Love Connection Beetle
  5. Hot Red Porsche
  6. Heavy White Porsche
  7. Baby Maker Station Wagon
  8. Rainbows Delight 80’s El Camino

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February’s Champion: Hot Red Porsche


Every March, basketball fans go wild for college b-ball games. And this month, Direct Auto 500 fans also have something to be excited about! The Direct Auto 500 is celebrating hoops season with a basketball-inspired race where eight drivers will shoot their shot on the track. For one winner, it will be a slam-dunk victory. Which will it be?

  1. Swamp Tiger, 73 Pontiac Firebird
  2. The Zag, McLaren F1
  3. Sapphire Devil, Ford GT40
  4.  The Tide, Dodge Viper
  5. War Bird, 2012 Corvette Z06
  6. The Volunteer, 70 Mach1
  7. GoGo Gator, Camaro ZL1
  8. Longhorn, ’69 Camaro

Follow Direct Auto on TikTok at @directautoins to watch the Direct Auto 500 March basketball-themed race!

March’s Champion: WarBird!


In the weeks leading up to Earth Day (April 22), we’re remembering the importance of protecting our planet with an environmental-themed race! Nature. Electric cars. Recycling. The Direct Auto 500 salutes to all things Mother Nature this April. Who will be crowned champion of the world?

  1. Green Machine, Acura NSX Hybrid
  2. Messla, Tesla Roadster
  3. Coexist, BMW i3
  4. Mother Earth, Nissan Leaf
  5. Boogie Woogie Oogie, Nissan Leaf Nismo
  6. Plug-In, BMW i8
  7. High Voltage!, Ford GT Hybrid
  8. Gasconomical, 1970 Toyota Celica

Follow Direct Auto on TikTok at @directautoins to watch the Direct Auto 500 April environmental-themed race!

April’s Champion: Check back soon!