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Woman and her dog dressed up as matching vampires for halloween while gazing creepily.

Halloween night gives you a unique opportunity to be your most creative self, whether you choose to dress up as an iconic Hollywood star or a fantastical creature. This year, outshine the cutesy couples and overdone cliches by wearing DIY costumes for you and your pet. You’ll steal the show, and your furry bestie might just earn some treats.

SpongeBob SquarePants and Gary Snail

You don’t have to live in a pineapple under the sea for you and your pet to dress up as one of the 90s’ most iconic duos!

For the “hooman” sponge costume, you’ll need a cardboard box, some yellow fleece fabric, colored felt, and hot glue. You can find the full step-by-step tutorial for your DIY SpongeBob ensemble on Instructables.com.

As for your pet “snail,” you’ll need kraft paper, masking tape, an old headband, ribbon, hot glue, and Gary-colored acrylic paints. Oh Happy Day has detailed instructions on how to build the snail shell and headband, but you’ll have to get crafty and paint them to match Gary’s signature style. To help keep the shell in place, attach it to your pet’s shoulder harness or an old t-shirt.

Your Fave Stranger Things Character and a Demogorgon

Slay? More like flay! If Stranger Things is your thing, let the world know with a statement-making costume for you and your pet.

Get inspiration from your favorite character and hit up your local thrift store for a totally rad ‘80s-inspired outfit. Seek out the following items depending on who your favorite character is:

  • Eleven: Neon scrunchies, white sneakers, crew socks, and geometric-patterned rompers
  • Dustin: Trucker hat, graphic tee, khaki cargo shorts, and denim jacket
  • Lucas: Corduroy jacket, camo bandana, plain tee, and distressed jeans
  • Nancy: Chunky pastel sweater, pleated chinos, barrettes, stud earrings, crossbody leather bag

As for your furry companion, get ready to turn them into the cutest Demogorgon ever with this DIY “Demodog” costume video by Jumita. You’ll need red, white, and grey felt as well as hot glue gun (and a very patient puppy).

Circus Ringmaster and Lion

Ready to recreate the greatest show on earth with your bestest friend ever? There’s no need to call in the clowns and load up the tiny car. All you and your pet need to take the stage this Halloween is a hot glue gun, some sharp scissors, and a few crafting supplies.

For your DIY ringmaster costume, you’ll need an oversized red sweater, gold fringe trim, gold crafting pom poms (or gold buttons), and black fabric paint. Read the step-by-step guide to making your own lion tamer costume on TFDiaries.

Next, turn your cute furball into a scary “beast” with this DIY lion dog costume tutorial from HGTV. The instructions call for colored felt and snap tape!

James Bond and Martini Glass

Still have that old cone of shame that your dog wore home from the vet? Put it on your pooch, add some olives, and your Bond costume is now complete with a martini—shaken, not stirred.

Check out this tutorial from The Pet Blog Lady on how to turn your cone of shame-wearing pup into 007’s favorite cocktail. All you need are styrofoam balls, green and red acrylic paint, strong tape, and a lightweight wooden dowel rod from your local craft store.

As for your homemade James Bond ensemble, you have a few simple and cheap options. You can rent a tux or buy one from a thrift store, or you can dig in your closet for a black pantsuit and a white button-down shirt. Wear shiny dress shoes and a black bow tie for a 007 look that would make MI6 do a double-take. Bonus points if you can pull off a British accent, too!

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Make this year’s Halloween costume so cute it’s scary. What dog owner doesn’t want to play dress up with their pup? Share your best and most unique pet costumes for Halloween with the local Direct Auto community in a comment below.