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Innovative – Evolving – Interesting – we’re not talking about the latest tablet or cell phone; we’re talking about working at Direct!  Meet Yvonne McCarthy, a woman with a long history at Direct and an even longer history in insurance. She’s our Lead Sales Agent in Dania, FL and we couldn’t be more proud to share her story with you.

yvonne mccarthy headshotHaving to support herself at the age of 16, Yvonne enrolled in a vocational program to get her insurance license. Despite having to work during the day and go to school at night, she received her license and was working full-time in the insurance industry by the age of 18. Here’s what she had to say about the industry and working for Direct.

Q: What originally got you interested in the insurance industry?

Yvonne: Well, I had to figure out how to support myself from an early age and there’s security in working in insurance. It’s something that people will always need, so the demand for it and services around it won’t change over the years. If anything, the demand will increase! As far as my interest in Direct, I truly love working here. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t!

Q: What part of your job challenges you the most?

Yvonne: The industry has changed A LOT over the years. When I started, there were no computers – you just had to fill out a few pieces of paper. From an agent’s perspective, it’s just all more complicated now, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The business has to change to stay up and running and you have to change as a person too, but the challenge keeps you sharp.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Yvonne: What’s most rewarding is really my relationship with the company. They’ve been so understanding about the ups and downs of life. For instance, I started in Ocala [FL] but was promoted to a management position in Brooksville [FL], and they paid for me to move there. Then, when my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, and she’s like my mother figure, Direct transferred me to an office near her so I could take care of her when I needed to. The company was very in tune with my personal life and not many companies will support you throughout your life like that.

I’ll never forget this too! For being agent of the year, I received a full-paid trip to Sedona, Arizona which included airfare for two, a car rental, a room at the Hilton, and $500 of spending money. It was awesome!

Q: What do you like most about the area you work/live in?

Yvonne: I grew up in south Florida and have seen it change so much over the years. These days, people spend thousands of dollars to travel here! It’s so beautiful. You really can’t beat the beaches. The cost of living is pretty high, but you’re paying for the view and the perfect weather. What’s really fun too is when friends that I’ve grown up with over the years walk into the office and it turns out they’re my customer! I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Q: What’s one word you would use to describe Direct and why?

Yvonne: Innovative! When I started with the company, we were only doing national advertising, nothing really localized. Now we’re doing local marketing that means a lot to our customers because this is their neighborhood. When I was in Raleigh, NC, we raised money for leukemia and lymphoma, did landscaping at Oxford Children’s Home, and volunteered all around! Customers notice these kinds of things and see that we’re a company that cares about the community.

Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself!

Yvonne: I’m an avid billiard player and have been playing in leagues my whole life!

If you’re ever in South Florida, stop by the Direct Auto store and say hello to Yvonne. She’d love to welcome you into her Direct Auto family!

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