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Happy Family Hugging High School Graduate

From getting a driver’s license to going on a first date, high school is filled with many new experiences—including graduation! Whether your high school graduate is headed to college or into their first apartment, give them a gift that helps them get one step closer to their dreams. Check out these ten great gift ideas for soon-to-be high school grads!

Grad Gift #1: Small Set of Tools

Lend your grad a helping hand as they put together their first desk or hang their first picture. Check your local hardware store for a mini-tool set or put one together on your own. A basic toolkit typically includes: a 4-in-1 screwdriver, long-nose pliers, a hammer, measuring tape, an adjustable wrench, a small box of nails/screws, and a torpedo level.

Grad Gift #2: Bicycle

Give the gift of low-cost transportation! A bicycle has few repair bills, doesn’t require insurance, and never needs gas. Go the extra mile and register the bike with the National Bike Registry (NBR). If stolen, a bike that is registered with the NBR can be more easily identified by the police and returned to the owner.

Grad Gift #3: Help With An Everyday Expense

Help your high school grad ease into adulthood by helping them pay for an everyday expense, like car insurance.  A Good Student Discount could help them save up to 10% on an affordable car insurance policy and encourage them to keep above a “B” average in college or technical school. If they plan on having a long drive home from work or school, you could also help them prepare for the unexpected with a Roadside Assistance plan.

Grad Gift #4: Deck of Gift Cards

Where is your high school grad headed? Put together a stack of gift cards that could make the day-to-day grind easier, like gift cards for groceries, gas, coffee, and various restaurants.

Grad Gift #5: Laptop or Tablet

Think digital! A laptop or tablet could help your high school grad tackle homework assignments, shop online, read e-books, apply for jobs, and take care of bills.

Grad Gift #6: Luggage

Help them see the world (or the next town over) with a sturdy piece of luggage. Anyone up for a road trip?

Grad Gift #7: Cash

If you’re totally stumped or short on time, cash is a quick gift your grad can spend as they please, whether it’s on rent, professional clothes, or something fun.

Grad Gift #8: Strong Laundry Bag

Few things are worse than leaving the Laundromat with a clean bag of clothes, only to have them spill out into the parking lot because your bag rips. A strong laundry bag isn’t glamorous, but it’s especially helpful when you have to tote your dirty clothes down the hall, across campus, or back home to Mom.

Grad Gift #9: Video Streaming Subscription

Post-grad life is about more than homework and job applications! Give them the gift of relaxation with a subscription to a streaming video or television service like Netflix or Hulu.

Grad Gift #10: College or State Pride Gear

Help them show off where they’re headed or where they’re from with clothing that showcases their new school logo or their favorite state.

Whether you help them find affordable car insurance or figure out how to pay for the laptop they’ve been eyeing, your support can help your high school grad go confidently in the direction of their dreams. Let us know how you’ll be celebrating graduation season in a comment below and come back and visit us at Direct Connect for more great ideas!



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