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Gather ‘round ye table and mix things up this Thanksgiving with a cornucopia of good conversation starters and helpful ways to lend a hand to the host! Not to be “corny,” but being a great guest is all about showing gratitude with thoughtful actions. Show the host with the most that you’ve got “guest game” and you just might be invited back to next year’s feast.

1. Ask about allergies: If you’re bringing a dish, ask your host if they know of anyone else attending who may have food allergies.

2. Be on time: Don’t be fashionably late or keep your host waiting. Instead, being one of the first to arrive could mean first dibs on appetizers!

3. Keep your napkin in your lap: Leaving a dirty napkin on the table may not be the most appetizing to look at, but it also takes up room on the table where food can be placed!

4. Don’t feed the dog: Although Thanksgiving is a time for giving, it doesn’t mean it’s thoughtful or safe to feed table scraps to the host’s family pet. Pet diets vary, so sneaking a little food to Fido could get them sick.

5. Strike a conversation: As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually best to avoid any topics related to religion or politics. On other hand, you don’t want the only sound to be silence and the scraping of the utensils on plates or the dinging of serving utensils. Here are a few fun and family-friendly thanksgiving questions to keep things entertaining and memorable!

My funniest holiday memory is_____.
The best part of this year so far has been____.
I’m thankful for ______.
My favorite thing about this person is___.
My favorite Thanksgiving guilty pleasure is____.

6. Help with the dishes: Don’t leave the clean-up for the host. Pitch in and help with the dirty dishes.

What are you looking forward to the most for Thanksgiving? Do you have any ideas to share for Thanksgiving dinner? Direct Auto Insurance wants to know! Share your comments below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more ideas for the family!

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