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Our moms, grandmas, and other mother-figures do a lot for us, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to say thanks and celebrate her. Wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a last-minute planner or a strategic over-thinker. We have fun Mother’s Day ideas that she will love and that won’t break the bank!

Celebrate Mother’s Day by…

Treating her to breakfast in bed.

Spoil the most important woman in your life with the most important meal of the day! Wake up early and whip up her favorite breakfast foods. If you aren’t great in the kitchen, pick up something from a local restaurant. Wake up mom with a nice breakfast on a tray, complete with fresh flowers and a handwritten note. It’ll be the perfect start to a perfect day!

Making her a special photo album.

When it comes to giving Mother’s Day gifts, it’s the thought that counts – and nothing is more thoughtful than a photo album. Print out your favorite photos with your mother or mother-figure and arrange them in a photo album. You can include other photos she will cherish, such as snapshots of children, grandchildren, pets, her favorite places, and so on. Write a heartfelt caption under each photo, explaining what the photo means to you.

Volunteering for a cause she cherishes.

If your mom-figure has a cause or charity that’s near and dear to her heart, she’ll love sharing it with you. Spend time with her this Mother’s Day while simultaneously volunteering your time! Whether you’re gathering donations, cleaning up a park, or serving meals, you’ll get to show her you care while helping your community. Give back to her by giving to back to others!

Arranging a celebratory game night.

Your mom-figure will love having everyone together under one roof to celebrate. Not only are game nights the best, but they’re also a cheap way to have fun with the entire family! Invite loved ones over and ask them to bring their favorite board games, card games, and snacks. By hosting it potluck style, you won’t have to spend much money or do too much work – and your favorite lady will absolutely love it!

Taking her on a mini-road trip around town.

Did you know you can plan an awesome “road trip” without actually going too far? Make a list of your mom-figure’s favorite parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and other special places around town. Then gift her with a Mother’s Day itinerary that’s full of fun. Spend the entire day cruising around together, hitting up all of her best-loved spots. Complete the experience with a road trip playlist that includes her favorite songs!

Tip: Before any road trip (and especially before playing chauffeur with your most precious cargo) double check your glove compartment for valid proof of auto insurance. Driving without car insurance or proof of car insurance is risky business!

Sending her a thoughtful video message!

If your mom, grandma, or mother-figure doesn’t live nearby, you can still make her feel like a million bucks this Mother’s Day. Instead of a simple text message or phone call, create a video message for her! Tell her all of the reasons you adore her and wish her a happy Mother’s Day almost face-to-face. Ask siblings and other loved ones to contribute their own video messages, too!

What are you doing this Mother’s Day? There are plenty of nice things you can do that don’t require buying gifts. If you’re a mom, what do you want to do this year? Let us know how you’ll celebrate Mother’s Day in the comments below!


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