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Get over the winter blues, by adding a little spring in your step this St. Patrick’s Day. Not only is it time to freshen up your home, pull back the curtains, and dust off the cobwebs, but it’s also a good time to go green in your home by re-evaluating ways you can save money on your utilities. If your electric bill was sky high this winter, make up for it by cutting back this spring with these easy environmentally friendly tips. Make your own luck and you could save a pot of gold on your next bill.


Get the most mileage from your renewed energy by making sure your car insurance is up-to-date. If you’ve had recent life changes, it might be time for a policy review. To learn more Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732), Click, or come in to speak with one of our friendly licensed agents.

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