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jj-santa-holding-giant-stocking-2016Just in time for the holidays, our fourth annual Get One, Give One Stocking Giveaway is here!

What’s a Get One, Give One Stocking Giveaway, you ask? You can enter the giveaway, affectionately known as Stocking Go-Go, for your chance to win a giant stocking like the one pictured here. It’s six feet tall (taller than most people!) and filled with toys. For every stocking winner, we’ll send another giant stocking filled with toys to a charity. You get one, we give one.

Enter the Stocking Go-Go Giveaway

Anyone can enter the giveaway between November 21 and December 17 at their local Direct store or online using the link below.

Enter for your chance to win a giant stocking!

And while supplies last, you can get a free smaller stocking filled with toys when you visit your local Direct store and get a free, no-obligation quote.