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Car companies have a long tradition of naming their vehicles after animals to evoke a certain aesthetic, style, movement, and power. Think: Jaguar, Ford Mustang, Pontiac Firebird, Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Bronco, Dodge Ram, Corvette Stingray, and Volkswagen Bug.

While your car might not look or sound like an animal, it could have a “spirit animal,” or in other words, embody a certain animal. Wonder which member of the animal kingdom best represents your car? Take this quiz to find out!

What type of car do you have?

Your car is typically used to transport:

To get somewhere on time, you:

What’s the best feature of your car?

Before a road trip you:

Which word describes you best?

During your free time, your car is taking you to:

What's Your Car's Spirit Animal?

Your car is a powerful beast that fiercely protects you, your family, and your friends inside. The bear symbolizes grounding forces, strength, and a deep connection to the earth and the outdoors. Wherever you drive, your car guides you swiftly and with strength.

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, and your car has been with you throughout the many changes in your life. Your car has served as a helpful guide as you’ve navigated school, work, relationships, and everything else, fluttering from one thing to the next.

Cats are independent, curious, and adventurous beings — and your car is no different! Your car symbolizes freedom. It takes you through every new twist and turn, getting you on your feet (and the road!) no matter where you land.

Your car’s spirit animal is the slow-moving tortoise, and you’re not in a hurry to get in the fast lane. This type of leisurely travel is not only relaxing, it’s also a great time to reflect on other things in life! The tortoise is wise, and knows that driving the speed limit helps save gas, is safer, and could be less stressful than trying to race the speedy hare.

Flashy, colorful, and beautiful: the peacock represents renewal. Your car might be a restored vintage classic, a muscle car, sports car, or luxury vehicle with eye-catching features that’s a joy to drive. Or, perhaps you may wish to own one of these. Whether your car renews your spirit or has actually been restored, it aligns with the peacock’s traits of self-confidence and leadership.

Before cars were invented, many people got around by horse. Cars have been named after horses, including the Ford Bronco, Mustang, and Pinto. Your own car’s “horsepower” symbolizes freedom, power, movement, and desire. Drive the open road, wild stallion! (And take care of those to-dos — your car is also a workhorse!)

Like a hawk, your car is a messenger that delivers you from one place to the next. Your keen eyesight is helpful for being observant, paying attention, and seeing things from all sides as you swiftly glide across lanes and swoop through the roads with laser sharp focus.