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Happy young woman in winter clothes holding shopping bags up with a Christmas tree behind her

‘Tis the season for planning for that season. The holidays mean family, fun, and delicious food, but they can also mean expenses and stress. Getting an early start can save you money and peace of mind! Instead of turning into a stressed-out Scrooge this holiday season, check out Direct Auto’s guide for creating a holiday […]

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Blue interstate sign displaying "Next Exit: Personality" with an arrow pointing right.

Are you a calm, cool, and collected driver, or do you turn into a road-rage beast when you shift into drive? A study conducted jointly by experts at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and tire manufacturer Goodyear identified seven driving personalities: the teacher, know-it-all, competitor, punisher, philosopher, avoider, and escapee. Which […]

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Get Direct & Get Going.

With a focus on second chances, Direct Auto’s new “Get Direct & Get Going” campaign features three celebrity spokespersons who stumbled at the high point of their career — but were able to get going again. They include world-renowned figure skater, Tonya Harding; ex-pro football player, Johnny Manziel; and rapper-producer, Fat Joe. This new initiative […]

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