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| Driving

Getting your first motorcycle as a teen is exhilarating. With a bike, you gain a whole new kind of freedom and independence. But before you hit the road, there are some crucial things you should know about getting the right protection for you and your bike. After all, treating your motorcycle right from the start […]

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| Car Life
Be wary of purchasing used tires; you don't know where they've been!

You’re headed to work one morning and hear that unfortunate thump-thump-thump that means you have a flat tire…again. You’ve already plugged and patched your tire a handful of times and you’re not sure it could take another beating. Plus, you’re about to head out on your annual summer road trip and don’t want to risk […]

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| Auto Insurance
a car with a flat tire

Like shoes, clothes, and appliances, tires don’t last forever. When your tires get worn out or go flat, here’s what is and isn’t covered by car insurance, roadside plans and warranties. Tire Insurance Explained Many drivers may wonder if their tires are covered by their car insurance policy. However, it’s not a simple yes or […]

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