Austin, Texas pin on map

Austin, Texas is bursting with vibrant energy. Its eclectic range of sites and activities make this Texas city a must-see for any art lover, music junkie, or outdoor adventurer. Austin is a funky city full of flair, so it can be hard to narrow down the best things to do in the Live Music Capital of the World. However, Direct Auto checked out some of Austin’s most iconic experiences for locals and tourists, and we’ve got you covered. Click on the video below to see how we kept Austin weird, then scroll down to read more about the spots we visited and why Austin is a city we love.

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  1. Barton Springs

The Barton Springs Pool is a beloved Austin gem among local Austinites and visitors. The pool is filled with water from nearby springs, making for the perfect day spent under the warm Texas sun. The Barton Springs Pool is comprised of three acres of water surrounded by 358 acres of Austin’s natural beauty.

  1. Sixth Street

Also known as Dirty Sixth Street by the locals, Austin’s iconic Sixth Street is full of endless fun no matter what kind of nightlife scene you enjoy. With high-end cocktail bars, cheap dive bars, karaoke bars, piano bars, and tasty food trucks, Sixth Street is booming with excitement, fun times, and, of course, live music.

  1. SoCo District

To get a true taste of Austin’s quirkiness, you’ll want to check out SoCo, a lively neighborhood comprised of historic buildings occupied with unique shops. You can also find many of Austin’s music venues here, making the district a must-see for any music fanatic. This neighborhood is another excellent spot to experience why Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World.

  1. Cowboy Boot Makers

Don’t think about going to Austin without picking up a pair of cowboy boots. Austin is well-known for its cowboy boot makers who hand-stitch quality leather into the style of your choice. If you’re looking for casual work boots or want a more exquisite design, you can find a cowboy boot maker to create a lifelong Austin souvenir. Handmade cowboy boots from Austin also make for a terrific gift.

  1. Pinballz Arcade

The Pinballz Arcade came to fruition after the owners’ personal game collection got out of hand. With an enormous selection of classic and modern games, Pinballz Arcade has something for everyone whether you’re a vintage game connoisseur or a modern gamer. Perfect for kids and adults, the Pinballz Arcade is a great way to escape the Texas heat as you eat, drink, and play.

  1. El Chilito

For some tasty Tex-Mex dining, make sure to try El Chilito. The fast-casual restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere full of local charm. The menu features delicious dishes made only from fresh ingredients.

  1. Museum of the Weird

The Museum of the Weird includes peculiar curiosities of the old and the odd. This mysterious museum started when two gift shop owners began selling their bizarre items from an unused space in their shop. When they realized they let go of so many one-of-a-kind rarities, the owners stopped selling them and began one of the last authentic dime museums in the United States.

  1. Cathedral of Junk

The Cathedral of Junk is located in the backyard of a small house in Austin. Owner, Vince Hannemann, started constructing the building in 1988 and would have never guessed that his backyard would become a famous attraction in Texas. The Cathedral of Junk includes vaulted ceilings, hallways, and multiple rooms designed entirely of junk.