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What’s on your holiday to-do list? Baking? Decorating? Packing for travel? Or, maybe you’ve got gift shopping on your mind. Between family, friends, and maybe even Fido, the cost of holiday gifts can quickly add up. If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts that can help you keep your gift-giving budget in check, try one of these creative Secret Santa gifts under $10. A limited budget doesn’t have to crush your holiday spirit!

  1. Tasty tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

There’s nothing better than a piping hot beverage on a chilly day. Wrap specialty tea with pretty packaging or find your own DIY hot chocolate mix recipe and package it in mason jars. You can even include an inexpensive mug! Personalize this gift by choosing a coffee or tea that’s locally brewed, or named after a place or event that means something to both you and the recipient.

  1. An amusing pair of socks.

Socks are pretty much a necessity. Why not have some fun with them? Check out local gift shops for socks with whimsical prints and buy a quirky pair that reminds you of the recipient! Rather shop online? From unicorns to cheese-topped tacos, online retail has almost any sock design you can imagine. And most are under $10!

  1. Holiday pictures.

Got a camera and need a last-minute gift? Seriously, you can make this gift in a matter of hours. Offer to take holiday pictures for your friends and use our favorite tips for getting the best holiday photos! If your budget allows, you could even have some prints of the photos made so that they’re all ready for framing. Search for free apps and you’ll find many will have your photos ready to go at your local film developer in about an hour, sometimes less!

  1. Calendar or planner.

For all your “Type A” friends, a calendar or planner is a great gift. There are lots of inexpensive options in stores around this time of year, and this gift can help your friends and family start the new year off right.

  1. Homemade crafts or snacks.

If you love crafting or cooking, why not combine your hobbies with your gift-giving efforts? Make custom stationery with a friend’s initials painted on it, or whip up a batch of holiday fudge, candy brittle, or toffee!

  1. Custom cookbook.

Are you the Secret Santa for a college student or young adult living on their own? Make them a cookbook with your favorite easy (and thrifty) recipes! All it takes is a little time to gather your recipes, then you can print and assemble the book right from home. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! Get started with a few of our favorite recipes for Mini Pizza Bagels, 5-Minute Chicken Salad, and Cheesy Egg Muffins.

  1. A unique print or poster

You can find just about any type of printable or paper artwork online these days, and many for less than $10 before shipping. Search for custom prints on sites like Etsy and order a creative print or poster with the recipient’s name, favorite quote, anniversary date, or hometown on it. How thoughtful of you!

  1. A sentimental book

If you could pick just one book to read for the rest of your life, what would it be? What book has had the most influence on you? Be the wisest Secret Santa of all this year and gift a book with sentimental value. For the bookworm in your life, check out Amazon or local secondhand bookstores to get the book at a great price. Then write a personal note in the front cover for a Secret Santa gift they’ll hold onto forever.

  1. Funky office supplies

For students and office workers alike, colorful office supplies can make even mundane tasks seem interesting. Look for pencils, note cards, or even stickers in the recipient’s favorite color!

  1. Gift cards

If you can’t seem to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member, why not get them a gift card? Head to their favorite lunch or coffee spot to pick one up. You’ll save time and money buying a gift, and they’ll save money on a meal later—that’s a win-win!

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