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Friendly Neighbors Chatting

There was a time when we knew all of the families on our block, but in today’s hustle and bustle it can be easy to let those relationships drift. Here are ten random acts of kindness, or pleasant surprises as we like to call them at Direct, that will help make your neighborhood a more awesome place for everyone!

  1. First, introduce yourself to your neighbor!
  2. Leave a note on your neighbor’s mailbox telling them how much you admire their holiday decorations or garden.
  3. Write a thank you note or bring food to your local fire or police station.
  4. Pick up stray bits of trash on an evening walk.
  5. Bring your neighbor’s newspaper up to their door, along with a plate of breakfast muffins.
  6. Before you head to the grocery store, ask your neighbor if they need anything that you could pick up.
  7. Offer to watch your neighbor’s cat or dog for free while they are out of town.
  8. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk.
  9. When you’re mowing your lawn, mow theirs too.
  10. Let your neighbor know that if their car is ever in the shop, you’ll pick them up and drop them off from the mechanic.

What do you do to make your neighborhood a better place for everyone? Share your stories with Direct below or by tagging @DirectAutoIns in your Facebook and Twitter posts!