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Editor’s note: Since this post was first published, much has changed in the realm of television. We’ve edited this post to provide additional content and more accurate, up-to-date information.

Do you ever feel like you’re paying too much for your television service? Here are five easy ways you could cut your television costs.*

  1. Talk to your television provider to see if you can negotiate a better deal. Television network providers are in competition with one another for your business. It’s not guaranteed that your cable provider will give you a better deal, but it’s worth your time to give it a try. Many companies will offer you a promotional package when you first sign-up, with the reduced price typically lasting about six months. Call your cable provider around month five or six and quote a promotion you’ve been offered by a competing company (check out competitor’s websites or save the advertisements you receive in the mail). Then, ask your provider to match that price or beat it.
  2. Check out a local cable provider. Not getting anywhere with the big cable guys? Do an online search for “cable provider + [your zip code].” If they offer rates lower than your current company, great! You can make the switch or use those prices to negotiate with your current cable company.
  3. Set-up an antenna. We’re not talking about the clunky, foil-covered rabbit ears antennae of the past. Advances in technology have resulted in the manufacturing of smaller, sleeker, and better performing antennas. With an antenna, you can still watch network television at no monthly cost. This DigitalTrends.com guide for picking and placing an antenna is a great resource for newbies.
  4. Switch to online streaming. There are tons of online video streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, and YouTube, but many networks also stream their shows online at no cost to you. With an internet connection and a networked media device (like an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, a PlayStation, or any “smart” TV or DVD player) you can stream your favorite shows and for potentially much less than your monthly cable bill.
  5. Explore Amazon Prime. If you enjoy online shopping too, Amazon Prime is the best of both worlds. In addition to free, two-day shipping on eligible items, you’ll have access to unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes. Check out the full benefits of Amazon Prime and enter to below for the chance to win a free subscription!

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