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There’s an app for everything—including ways to be a better driver! From saving money on gas to finding your parking spot, there are plenty of apps drivers can download to make life on the road a little easier. Here is a list of some smartphone apps to help drivers be safer and smarter.

(Take note, savvy drivers! Don’t use these apps while you’re on the road! Distracted driving is dangerous and in some states cell phone use while driving is illegal–don’t pull out your phone while you’re in the driver’s seat. Instead, hand your phone to your copilot or check the apps before you drive.)


Price: Free

This app from Direct Auto Insurance helps you monitor your driving behavior. Braking, acceleration, and speed are a few of the things the DirectDrive App keeps track of to show you ways you can improve your driving habits. Plus, you can earn points when you drive. The better you drive, the more points you earn, and the higher your spot climbs on your local leaderboard! (Proof that Direct Auto provides so much more for customers than affordable car insurance!)


Price: Free

Instead of driving around to find the best gas price (and wasting gas in the process!) use GasBuddy to find the best gas prices nearby! GasBuddy posts gas prices in your area, including different types of gas, so you can choose the closest, cheapest one. And after you select a gas station to use, GasBuddy will even give you driving directions to that gas station.

Carrr Matey

Price: 99¢

This pirate-themed app may have a silly name but it’s no joke! For those who are a little directionally-challenged, this app can help you find your car and could be the answer to all your lost-and-found needs. It lets you mark a map with a GPS pin, so you’ll never get lost on the 10th floor of a parking garage ever again. Also, it will alert you when your meter is almost up, so you can get back in time to avoid a pesky parking ticket.


Price: Free

Finding a mechanic you can trust can be a real challenge. If you can’t get reliable recommendations by word-of-mouth, then RepairPal can be a great solution to your search. Open the app, input your type of car and the nature of the repair you need, and it’ll tell you what you could expect to pay (give or take a little) in your area.


Price: Free

Save gas money and get to work faster with the Carticipate app! Use this carpooling app to put up your plans so everyone is on the same page before it’s pickup time. Getting in the HOV lane is a snap when you carpool with friends and coworkers. Plus, you’ll split the cost of gas. Don’t have anybody to carpool with? The app will match you to “carticipants” in your area!


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