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Did you fall off the health and fitness wagon over the holidays? Did your bank account take a hit with all those gifts? Are you struggling to get on schedule after a week of staying up late and sleeping in? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! If you’ve got the post-holiday blues, put down the hot cocoa and family-size bag of marshmallows. It’s time to get your body, budget, and schedule back into gear with these free smartphone apps that make getting back to normal life easy… and even fun!

Apps for your health…

  • Productive (Free): Whether you want to improve your diet, exercise routine, or both, the key to getting healthy is creating healthy habits. This is where the app Productive comes in! With Productive, you can customize a list of healthy habits you want to start, whether it’s hitting the gym three days a week, drinking more water, or going to bed earlier. Set reminders for yourself and keep track of the habits you complete. Productive keeps track of your good habit streaks, and maintaining these streaks gets addictive!
  • MyFitnessPal (Free): MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular apps for health and fitness lovers, and for good reason. With MyFitnessPal, you can set your goals (weight loss, weight gain, maintenance), calculate caloric intake, and track your exercise. And if you’re looking to cook healthy meals for your entire family, you can create custom recipes, calculate serving sizes, and even get macronutrient breakdowns! Plus, tracking your eating is a great way to cut back on mindless holiday snacking. 

Apps for your budget…

  • Goodbudget (Free): If your bank account is suffering after the holidays, the Goodbudget app is here to help bring it back to life. With this app, you can create a budget, track your expenses, practice conscious spending, analyze your spending habits, and even sync and share your budget with family members across devices. This app is perfect for anyone (or any family) looking to minimize unnecessary spending and stay accountable for their financial decisions!
  • Bills Monitor (99 cents): It’s easy to overlook bills during the excitement of the holidays. With Bills Monitor Pro, you can avoid being surprised by a bill or forgetting it altogether! This app allows you to track all of your bills in one place by setting recurring reminders, tracking the status of bills, and logging everything you’ve paid. Bills Monitor Pro even creates pie charts to show you how your money is allocated across categories, which can help you identify places to cut back spending. (This app is only available for iPhone and iPad.)

Apps for your schedule…

  • Cozi (Free): Called a “must-have app” by the Today Show, Cozi is the perfect app for keeping your entire family organized. A color-coded calendar allows you to schedule everyone’s day-to-day activities, and you can even set reminders and send out agendas to keep everyone in the loop. Cozi also has shopping lists and to-do lists, and everyone in your family with the app can add to it, anytime and anywhere! Getting your personal schedule back on track is one thing. Getting your entire family back on track is another. Cozi makes this task much, much easier.
  • Alarmed (Free): Some people aren’t naturally gifted at managing their time. If you’re one of the, then the Alarmed app is for you. With pop-up reminders and 120 alarms you can’t ignore, there’s no way you’ll forget an important event or task. The Nag-Me feature even creates auto-repeating reminders that will keep going until you check the item off your to-do list. If you need a little tough love in the scheduling department, this app is essential.

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