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Would your car survive a zombie apocalypse?

With this season’s talk of ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night, we’re reminded that searching for low car insurance rates is hardly the scariest thing out there. Finding a car insurance quote you’re comfortable with can be downright effortless compared to, say, prepping for a zombie apocalypse. At Direct Auto, we believe drivers should be prepared for any situation… including the rise of the undead…which brings us to the ultimate question: Would your car make the cut in the  event of a zombie apocalypse? To find out, here are three questions to consider when preparing to protect yourself from the undead.

Do you have the right kind of car to keep the zombies at bay?

There are three things you need for a zombie-proof vehicle: speed, space, and security. While choosing to focus on one element may require a trade-off elsewhere, it’s important to assess what you want most in a zombie-repellent car. Here are some tips for evaluating your car for its zombie-readiness.

  1. Speed
    Whether the zombies are slow or superhuman, your car should be equipped to outrace them. Sports cars are obviously a top choice for this requirement, but all-wheel drive vehicles may be more practical if you need to outrace zombies in rough terrain. Stay away from soft-top convertibles. Who knows how quickly those zombie claws could tear through that fabric!
  2. Space
    Your vehicle should also have enough storage space for your survivor companions and your supplies (food, water, extra fuel, etc), both of which are essential to a happy survival during a zombie apocalypse. Think extended-cab pickup trucks, mini-vans, and hatchbacks.
  3. Security
    Anything armored is your best bet for keeping the zombies out and the survivors safe. Think civilian versions of military armored vehicles, or heavy-duty pickup trucks.
  • A note about motorcycles:
    While overall, motorcycles offer little protection from zombies in terms of security and space, a motorcycle that is built for speed and agility could be your best bet for outpacing zombies, particularly in an urban environment with narrow streets and sharp turns.

Is your car in good shape?

Regardless of the type of car you have, making sure it’s in good working order should be your number one priority. Taking care of your tires and windshield will help you avoid surprise blowouts and a cracked windshield when you’re trying to outrun a hoard of hungry zombies. Care for your tires by rotating them or shopping for new tires if the treads are too worn; replace your windshield if it has cracks or bad seals; clean your headlights for maximum nighttime visibility (something you can actually do with a bit of regular, white toothpaste); top off all your fluids; and make sure you have good brake pads to prepare you for sudden stops.

Is your car stocked for the zombie apocalypse?

A good zombie-ready car is filled with supplies that will help its occupants remain self-sufficient and mobile. Your zombie car kit should include non-perishable foods (Twinkies don’t count), bottled water, a first aid kit, multi-use tools, spare gas, an ice scraper, a portable car battery charger, and of course, the weapons of your choice.

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