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man and woman holding hands on bicycles while on a date in a park outdoors

Ready for summer romance, but don’t have the money to spend on expensive dates or a new wardrobe? The temperatures may be hot, but you shouldn’t have to sweat the small things when it comes to dating. Whether you’re getting to know someone new or are looking for ways to mix it up with your significant other, check out these five cheap date ideas for any budget!

  1. Plan a picnic.

The weather is nice and the birds are chirping. There’s nothing more romantic than mother nature doing what it does best. Cooking for one can be lonely, so why not use what you have in your fridge to plan an outdoor picnic? For an added romantic surprise, plan your picnic during sunrise or sunset. This is also a great way to have a one-on-one conversation with your date without other distractions.

  1. Be a tourist in your own city.

If you’ve been meaning to check out that free exhibit at your local museum or sightsee around town, bring along a companion to explore with you. Take pictures along the way and learn something new together to create a memory you can share.

  1. Host a game night.

If you’re looking to take some of the pressure off your date, host a game night with another couple. Create teams and make your own rules for the winners and losers. For example, the losing team could do the dishes or host the next game night, while the winning team wins a free dessert or home cooked meal!

  1. Do a DIY date.

Get creative and invite your date over to paint, cook, or bake. Creating and sharing together could make for a more interesting and relaxed conversation. Plus, you can teach each other something new!

  1. Spend the day outside.

Enjoy the outdoors with a day date full of fun, free activities! Walk your pets or take them to a dog park; explore the great outdoors on a long walk or hike; and get lost and wander through a local flea market. Finally, end your evening on a blanket stargazing into the clear night sky.

As Jennifer Lopez once said, “love don’t cost a thing,” and neither do some of these free date night ideas! Make memories in the summer with any of your favorites on the list and fall in love.

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