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Winter weather can be unpredictable. One morning, you may wake up to sunshine and crisp air, and the next you could see a blanket of snow on the roads and icicles dangling from your bumper. When a snow day makes the roads too dangerous to brave and Roadside Assistance becomes a necessity, try one of these indoor activities to have fun with your whole family!

  1. Bake together.

Making cookies or another snow day treat is a great way to keep your kids occupied and create some family memories. Plus, your home will smell amazing. Challenge your kiddos to use only ingredients you already have in the pantry and fridge.

  1. Put on a play or puppet show.

Forget the movie theater. You don’t need to get out of the house to see a great show! Instead, have your kids come up with their own idea for a play or a puppet show (you could even draw your own puppets on paper bags or mismatched tube socks!). Then, have everyone act it out together!

  1. Have a treasure hunt.

Gather some small items or toys from around your home, and hide them from the rest of your family. Write out some hints that vary in difficulty based on the participants’ ages and draw a map where “X” marks the spot! Get dressed for adventure and send your treasure hunters on an indoor quest.

  1. Make a batch of hot chocolate.

When it’s cold outside, nothing can warm you from the inside out like a mug of hot chocolate. Find a recipe online or make a batch in a slow cooker. Pair your homemade hot chocolate with a classic summer movie like The Sandlot or Parent Trap to warm both your tummy and your soul. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

  1. Craft some marshmallow snowmen.

Speaking of marshmallows…they’re really good for this! If it’s too cold or snowy to even venture outside, you can still build snowmen indoors. Use a toothpick to stack your marshmallows on top of one another. Add pretzel sticks for arms, and use frosting or small candies to make eyes and clothes for your “indoor snowmen.”

  1. Build a blanket fort.

Put your extra sheets and blankets to good use! Drape them over furniture to make a living room fort that’s big enough for your whole family to enjoy. If the power’s out, grab a few flashlights and pretend it’s a campsite…complete with marshmallow snowmen!

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If you must get out on the roads, make sure you stay safe with these safe driving tips for winter. It’s also a good idea to be prepared with a Roadside Assistance plan* from Direct Auto Insurance. Direct Auto could help you in wintry weather with 24-hour emergency towing, gas delivery, jump starts and more. Enjoy some snow day activities with your family, and help keep them safe in every kind of weather with Direct Auto Roadside Assistance!

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