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How to make clothing for pets

Every pet owner knows there is a special bond between humans and their furry companions. When we need a smiling face to brighten our day, we know we can count on our number one fans. Pets give their owners unconditional love day in and day out, so why not do something fun for your dog or cat, like make them a new wardrobe, as a treat?

If you think your pooch or kitty could use some new outfits and accessories, these DIY pet clothes make for the perfect Saturday project. You can even create outfits from old clothes that you already have!

Easy Pet Apparel Ideas

As temperatures drop, pets can feel uncomfortable in the cold. Yes, they have their own built-in heating blanket (their fur), but they may be more comfortable wearing a light sweater or jacket on chilly days.

Fleece Jacket

This easy, no-sew jacket will keep your dog or cat nice and cozy throughout the chilly seasons. All you need is a sleeve from any old fleece shirt or sweatshirt, a pair of scissors, and a couple of pins to create a warm fleece jacket in just a few steps. Remember that the size of the shirt is dependent on the size of your pet.

  1. Measure the length of your dog or cat from neck to tail.
  2. Cut the shirt’s sleeve according to the back measurement. Then, cut the cuff of the sleeve to avoid tightness.
  3. With your pins, mark the distance of your pet’s legs.
  4. Then, cut out leg holes. For a final touch, roll back the end of the remaining sleeve for a charming jacket collar.

Your pets will be snug and sound on breezy nights in a warm fleece jacket. Get step-by-step instructions from DIY Projects for a more in-depth tutorial.

Holiday Sweater

With ugly holiday sweater parties approaching, why not let your furry friends join in on the fun? You can easily create a tacky holiday pet sweater by grabbing a festive sweater from any thrift store. To start, you will need a size-appropriate holiday sweater, a pair of scissors, measuring tape, needle and thread, or a sewing machine if available.

  1. Follow the same steps as the fleece jacket above.
  2. Then, get creative! Decorate the sweater with as many festive accessories as you’d like, including bells, garland, holiday lights, and ornaments.

You could even have an ugly holiday sweater contest for pets at your upcoming festivities! Check out this video for more holiday sweater ideas.

T-Shirt Made From Baby Onesie

If you’ve recently had a baby or held on to your kids’ adorable baby clothes, you can repurpose any onesie into a t-shirt for a small dog. This is the perfect outfit for a Chihuahua or Pomeranian. You can also get creative with an iron-on patch for a more custom design. Create your small dogs’ own custom wardrobe by turning all of your old baby onesies into doggie t-shirts!

  1. Start by folding the onesie in half lengthwise.
  2. Then, cut across the onesie right above the leg seams.
  3. Make another fold (about a quarter-inch over from the cut’s edge). Do this one more time.
  4. Pin the fold in place and sew a stitch all around the onesie to create a hem.

Now that your tiny t-shirt is ready, start customizing for more pet personalization. Check out Artsy Fartsy Mama for the full doggie t-shirt DIY guide.

Frilly Tutu

If your precious pup happens to be a little princess, then add some frill to their life with a glitzy, no-sew tutu. Your dog will love prancing around in this adorable accessory (which will make for some hilarious photos and videos, too). This simple DIY project can be made in a jiffy with just a few materials, including a tape measure, three-quarters of an inch of elastic band, 1.5 yards of tulle, ribbon, safety pin, and scissors.

  1. Measure the circumference of your dog’s stomach. Cut the elastic band according to the measurement. Then, connect the ends of the band together with a safety pin.
  2. Cut strips of tulle 2 inches and 3 inches wide.
  3. Cover the elastic with a ribbon of your choice.
  4. Lastly, start covering the elastic band with your tulle strips.

Your little lady will love frolicking in her adorable, sassy tutu!

Bow Tie Collar

Do you love bowties? Imagine how adorable your canine would look in a dapper bowtie collar. This fun accessory can be made from any left-over sewing project scraps. Look through your fabrics and materials for any cute patterns that would make a great bowtie, and enjoy a crafty afternoon as you create the ultimate doggie bowtie collar.

  1. Cut your fabric into a rectangle and fold in the edges.
  2. After folding the fabric in half, sew the edges together.
  3. Cut your bias binding according to the measurement of your dog’s neck.
  4. Cut a short piece of binding for the middle of the bowtie design.
  5. Start sewing the elastic to both ends of the bias binding. Then, fold the binding in half, and sew along the top edges to cover the elastic ends.
  6.  Wrap the shorter piece of bias binding around the large one, then stitch the two pieces together.
  7. Place the bowtie on top of the middle of the collar and stitch the pieces together. Now, your dog is ready to rock a new accessory!

For a more in-depth tutorial and step-by-step video, follow this simple DIY guide from sewing.com.

Easy Sock Sweater

Did you know that you could make your small pooch or feline a sweater from a sock? Keep your pets warm in an extra layer as temperatures drop with this easy, no-sew DIY project. All you will need to make your sock sweater is a clean sock, a pair of scissors, and a few minutes.

  1. Start by simply cutting the toe area off of the sock.
  2. Then, measure the distance from your animal’s neck to legs. Mark this area and then make a cut (this will be where their legs go through the sock).
  3. Voila! Your sock sweater is ready to roll.

Check out the full sock sweater tutorial and learn how to make a sock scarf from Cut Out + Keep.

Pretty Pink Dress

Making this precious pink dress for your pup will be such a fun (and adorable) DIY project. Your dog will love wearing her cute new dress around the house and on neighborhood walks as people stop and admire such a charming sight.

For this project, you will need a pink shirt with a collar (feel free to use one of your own!), Velcro, scissors, a tape measure, a sewing machine, and any embellishment or design of your choice. Follow the steps below to create the dress of your dog’s dreams!

  1. Find a pink, short-sleeved shirt with a collar, and lay it inside-out on a table.
  2. From the bottom, fold the shirt in half. At the fold, measure 5 inches from the hemline. Measure 1.5 inches up from the side seams. Then, connect the two points, and start cutting. This section will be the skirt of the dress.
  3. Cut the shirt’s collar, and cut upon one of the short sleeves. The collar will serve as the waistband, and the short sleeve will be the top portion of the dress.
  4. For the top portion, fold the sleeve in half and measure 4 inches from its hem. Mark a perpendicular angle and cut the remaining fabric.
  5. Make a zigzag stitch on the two sides of the top portion.
  6. Pin together the center of the top portion and the waistband, and sew a small zigzag stitch.
  7. Pin the skirt to the waistband, and sew a zigzag stitch.
  8. Attach Velcro strips at each end of the waistband and each corner of the top portion. Your dog dress is ready!

After making new outfits for your furry friends, take a nice stroll through the neighborhood to show them off. And while you’re out, feel free to stop by your local Direct Auto to say hello!

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