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Dog driving car wearing a hat

A kiss on the forehead. A tearful goodbye. A droopy-faced pup. Does all that sound familiar to you? If so, you may be one of the many dog owners who have to leave their dog at home during the day! Though this “see ya later” routine doesn’t get any easier with time, some forward-thinking stores are opening their doors to pups, which means you don’t have to kiss your furry friend goodbye as frequently. If you’re looking for stores where you can bring your dog, visit these pup-friendly retailers to treat both yourself and your bestie.

1. Bass Pro Shops

Dog with fishing rod in mouth and hat

Taking your dog on your next fishing trip? Help them get ready for the experience with a trip to Bass Pro Shops. Not only does the retailer triumph a friendly pet policy on its website, but it also hosts monthly “Dog Days,” with pup-approved activities like frisbee tournaments and treat giveaways. Plus, they carry plenty of must-have pet accessories to help you make your next dog-friendly adventure a success.

2. Apple

Dog at the apple store

A new laptop or smartphone can be a big purchase, so we don’t blame you if you want to consult with your best friend before making such a ruff decision, and neither does Apple. According to a report by ABC News, leashed pups are welcome at the Apple store! However, remember to keep a close eye on your dog — if they break something, you’re paying for it!

3. Half-Price Books

Dog at the book store

According to the retailer, when the first Half-Price Books store opened, they had to limit the number of pets each employee could bring! There were so many dogs in-store that they may as well have been called Half-Price Pets. Currently, each HPB store has its own dog policy, but most of them allow well-behaved pups on a leash. See if your neighborhood Half-Price Books welcomes dogs by calling before your visit.

4. Lowe’s

Dog in Lowe's

With more than 2,000 locations across North America, Lowe’s allows store managers to decide on their individual store’s pet policies. However, according to the hardware giant’s tweets, there are many pet-friendly locations around. Just make sure that you call ahead of time and bring a leash! Before you know it, you and your best friend will be wagging out of Lowe’s with all the materials you need to take on that leaky faucet or easy home improvement project. Did someone say, new dog house?

5. Nordstrom

Dog at Nordstrom

If you’re wondering whether Nordstrom is dog-friendly, consider this — there are over 600 Instagram posts hashtagged #DogsOfNordstrom! Ready to add your puppy pictures to that quickly-growing list? Call your local Nordstrom before bringing your dog in to verify their pet policy. Even though the retailer is widely known as being pet-friendly, many malls have dog policies of their own, all of which each store must comply with.

6. Starbucks

Dog at Starbucks

Generally speaking, establishments that serve food don’t allow dogs inside, unless the pups are trained service animals. Starbucks is not the exception, but we believe the coffee chain deserves a mention on our shortlist of dog-friendly places thanks to its famous puppuccinos!

Business Insider reports that this paw-preferred menu item consists of whipped cream in a small espresso cup, and dogs can’t get enough of it! Puppuccinos are free with your purchase, so you should definitely add them to your list of ways to save money on pet ownership.

Paws for Savings

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