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Don’t break the bank decorating for the holidays. If you’re on a tight budget, save money with these easy tricks to deck your halls so you can spread a little cheer along the way! What’s the secret? The secret is there is no secret! In fact, you can use what you have at home so you’re not spending all of your money on decorations. DIY with these quick and simple homemade Christmas decorating ideas!

1. Shop after the holidays. Wait, what? Get discounted decorations when stores clear out their inventory either a few days before or after the holiday. You can find major discounts on things like wrapping paper, ornaments, Christmas cards, Christmas trees, and more! Get a head start for next year, and you could end up saving some extra cash! Stores that are known for their “after Christmas” sales in previous years include Target™, Big Lots™, Home Depot™, and Sears™.

2. Recycle, reuse, repurpose! Don’t let anything go to waste. Save the bows or ribbons from presents, even wrapping paper if you can, and repurpose them for other gifts you are giving. The less you have to spend on gift wrapping, the more you can spend on other things. Even better, if you have some festive bows and string, use them as crafts for decorations!

3. Crafty candleholders. Create your own candle holders out of decorated paper cups, old wine bottles dressed in decorative ribbons or bows, or even your favorite Christmas mug. If you already have white candles, put them on a platter and decorate it with peppermint sticks or holiday-colored candy. Warning: Be sure to keep all candy decorations out of the way from the family pet or from any toddlers with their eyes all aglow.

4. Branch out. Use extra Christmas tree trimmings to decorate your mantel or table. The extra fresh pine smell will make you giddy with the Christmas spirit. Trim your house’s doorways and staircase banister with fresh garland with ornaments. Dangle wreaths on walls with twine or ribbon. Invest in a few removable 3D Command strips and hooks so you don’t have to worry about damaging the walls in your home.

5. Make your own tree. Drape the lines of a Christmas tree triangle with yarn and have your kids adorn it with decorative homemade paper ornaments taped to the wall.

6. Please pass the ornaments. That’s exactly what it is, a bowl of ornaments. Grab a decorative bowl and fill it with a pile of shiny ornaments for a nice table centerpiece. If that’s not easy, what is?!

Sometimes the best decorations are the ones you come up with on your own! Not only will Santa thank you, but so will the kids! Do you have any DIY budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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