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A family baking together to beat the winter blues.

Shorter days and longer nights can make even the cheeriest of us feel more bah-humbug than usual. Take care of those you love (and yourself!) with these fun, family-friendly activities for banishing the winter blues!

  1. Host a neighborhood chili gathering.

Nothing warms you up from the inside out like a hearty bowl of chili. Make a batch of inexpensive, 5-ingredient chili, then invite your neighbors to bring over their own chili creations for an evening of fun and food. A bowl of chili might be just the hearty dinner you’ve been craving, and spending time with your neighbors and friends can work wonders for lifting your spirits!

  1. Go on a hike or nature walk.

Depending on where you live, some winter days may be a bit warmer than others. Take advantage of blue skies and sunshine and head to a park or nature trail. Bring a thermos of homemade hot cocoa to enjoy along the way, and challenge your kids to see how many different kinds of birds and animals they see or hear.

  1. Have an indoor picnic.

Outdoor activities not a good option where you live? No worries! An indoor picnic can be just as much fun—especially when you’re surrounded by cozy holiday decorations. Have everyone pitch in to make a simple meal with whatever you have in the pantry or fridge, then enjoy each other’s company as you eat.

  1. Look for cheap activities on Groupon.

When you’re looking to save cash but still have fun, Groupon is a great place to look for discounted family-friendly activities in your area. Search deals for ice skating, restaurants, indoor rock climbing, and so much more. Don’t want to venture away from home? Check out our best cold-weather indoor activities instead.

  1. Make holiday gifts or cards.

The holidays are upon us, and nothing says “I love you” like a simple homemade holiday gift or card. Break out the construction paper and craft supplies, and help your kids create something special for friends and family members. For an extra dose of festive holiday spirit, make a few DIY holiday decorations for your home, too.

  1. Volunteer.

Many homeless shelters, food pantries, and non-profit organizations need extra help during the winter. Why not give the gift of your time? Load up the whole family and head somewhere that allows you to give back to your community in a big way. It’s free of cost, it gets you out of your home for a few hours, and you’ll leave knowing you helped someone else in need. Talk about a mood booster!

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