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The season for gifting, traveling, and cooking has come to an end, and it finally feels like you’re getting back into the swing of everyday life. Everything seems to be getting back to normal…except your budget. If your New Year’s resolutions include spending less, saving more, or paying down debt, check out these useful smartphone apps.

Get Help Tracking & Changing Your Spending

Goodbudget – Cost: FREE – Want to keep things simple? Say hello to Goodbudget, an app that’s based on the envelope budget system, where you put a certain amount of cash into different envelopes for the month’s expenses before you start spending. Goodbudget lets you keep all of your money in the bank, or wherever you want, and still use the envelope method. It’s great for budgeters who want to keep track of their cash flow, especially a cash flow that may be irregular.

PocketGuard – Cost: FREE – Ever wish you had a magic genie to tell you whether you could afford that new purse or the latest gadget? PocketGuard may be the next best thing! Once it’s synced up to your account, the app analyzes and automatically calculates your monthly expenses and income to predict what your finances are going to look like over time. Plus, it estimates how much you can spend before payday so you can better avoid overdraft fees, or if your budget allows—splurge!

Get Help Paying Down Debt

ReadyForZero – Cost: FREE – Trying to pay down some debt? This app could help you get there and free up cash on your way. ReadyForZero links your credit accounts and presents you with an easy to understand payoff plan and progress tracker. The app tracks your credit score as you go and sends you personalized tips for helping you improve it.

Save More on Everyday Expenses

DirectDrive® – Cost: FREE – Few apps help make safe driving fun and potentially earn you cash. But with DirectDrive, you can do both! The app helps you monitor and improve your driving behaviors, and could even help you improve your gas mileage. It gives you real-time feedback on gas-guzzling behaviors like hard braking and quick acceleration, and by using it you could earn up to $10 a month.* While filling up at the pump may not be as expensive as it used to be, your budget knows that every penny counts!

Checkout 51 – Cost: FREE – This app will pay you back for doing something you’re already doing each month—buying groceries! Getting started is easy: download the app, snap a picture of your grocery receipt, and pick the e-coupons that match. Once your account reaches $20, you can request a check from Checkout 51! No coupon clipping required!

Other Ways Direct Can Help You Save

If you’re looking for other smart ways to save, Direct can help with that too! When it comes to affordable car insurance, Direct has you covered. With flexible payment plans, low rates, and low down payments, you can begin this year off on the right foot. Ready to get started? Get a free quote online or come in to a Direct location near you today and find out how much you could save on auto insurance.

How do you plan to get back on budget this year? Share your budgeting tips and tricks in a comment below!


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