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Family carving pumpkins on porch

Add Halloween to the list of holidays that look different this year due to COVID-19. But even though trick-or-treating is canceled and haunted houses are empty, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Here are six Halloween activities for 2020 to make the most of the scariest day of the year during the age of social distancing.

Have a Scary Movie Marathon

Whether you’re searching for terrifying horror films or slightly spooky classics the whole family can enjoy, Halloween movie options are in high supply. With Halloween conveniently falling on a Saturday in 2020, you can wake up, gather in the living room, and watch movies all day or evening long. If you want to watch movies and get out of the house at some point, see if there are any drive-in theaters near you showing Halloween favorites. This will allow you to take in every frightening frame with an audience, and stay safe/socially distant.

Make Terrifying Treats

If you partake in the movie marathon idea above, or if you just have a sweet tooth, Halloween is a perfect excuse to prepare some appropriately-themed treats. Already have personal favorites? Now is the perfect time to whip them up. Need some ideas for adults and kids? Try your hand at Halloween Marshmallow Pops. Websites like Delish and Food Network have everything from skeleton cookies to monster smoothie bowls. Something as simple as decorating ghost cookies can keep kids entertained for hours, and a more complicated challenge can test even the most skilled baker. So gather in the kitchen and see what you can create!

Decorate the House

Want to really get in the spirit of Halloween? Decorate your whole home, inside and out, with figurines, plaques, pumpkins, and more! In just a few hours you can turn your dining room into something Dracula would be proud of. With the right pieces of décor, your front door can inspire Halloween fun and fright. If you really want to up the ante, get your neighbors involved. Send out an email or text and create a contest for the best-decorated house. Have everyone on your street or cul-de-sac vote and declare a winner. In the absence of traditional trick-or-treating, this is a fun way to feel a sense of togetherness.

Carve Pumpkins

Is it really Halloween if you don’t carve a pumpkin? COVID-19 may have canceled some of your plans, but it can’t touch this timeless tradition. Snag a pumpkin on your regular trip to the grocery store, or if you’re looking for a relatively safe outdoor activity, you can visit a pumpkin patch to pick one out. If you’re feeling competitive, turn the pumpkin carving into a competition within your household or get others in your neighborhood involved. Like decorating the house, jack-o-lanterns can be a great way to bring people together in this time spent apart. Not sure where to begin? Get the steps on how to carve a pumpkin right here.

Visit a Haunted Drive-Thru

Historically, October is the perfect time to visit a haunted house. This year, COVID-19 is causing many of our favorite spooky destinations to remain closed. However, to make the most of the situation, haunted drive-thrus are popping up around the globe. Visitors will get to experience many of the same sort of scares as a traditional haunted house, but they’ll be much safer with a car door between them and the ghosts or zombies. Run a search to see if a haunted drive-thru is popping up in your area. You’ll be treated to a night of terrors, and you’ll potentially have a chance to support local businesses and workers. No drive-thru near you? See if there are any haunted roads you can drive down instead.

Make Your Way Through a Corn Maze

Not all who wander are lost… unless you’re stuck inside a corn maze! Corn mazes are another Halloween favorite, and depending on where you live, you might still be able to visit one in 2020. Run a search or call your favorite farm with a maze to make sure they’re open because owners might not open if social distancing isn’t possible. If you do decide to try to make your way through a corn maze this fall, be sure to follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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