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Friends playing Christmas song on acoustic guitar

When the sounds of holiday music flood the airwaves, do you ever connect more with certain songs? Maybe it’s because one of them describes your personality and the way you feel about the holidays best! Take the holiday song quiz below to see which Christmas song describes you! Then, share your results in the comments below or on your social media page! And a 1, and a 2…

Which Holiday Song Describes You Best?

It’s not even December yet, and the shopping malls have started putting up blinking Christmas lights, red-and-green tinsel, and holiday decorations galore. You:

1. Light up and do a little happy dance inside. Yay! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
2. Think: Already? Sheesh, they could at least wait a few more weeks.
3. Start your holiday shopping early! Why wait?
4. Remember the arts and crafts projects you’ll be gifting to friends and family!
5. Ah, the warm memories of being home for the holidays start to flood back.

You’re invited to a holiday party. What do you wear?

1. I'm ALL IN! Ugly Christmas sweater, red and green socks, and ornament earrings or a candy-cane striped top hat.
2. Hm, I’d probably the skip the party. I love being home for the holidays!
3. I already have the perfect outfit picked out — and wear it for every festive occasion!
4. Just my normal clothes! I don’t need to dress up to show my enthusiasm, I wear it on my face.
5. Well, if I go to the holiday party, I doubt I’d dress up. It’s not my cup of tea.

What would you bring to a Secret Santa gift exchange?

1. A funny gag gift!
2. Something nice or useful I’d want for myself.
3. Something big and grand that may even go over budget.
4. Gifts in storage that I bought a while ago or a re-gift.
5. What’s a Secret Santa?

All 3 questions completed!

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Which Holiday Song Describes You Best?

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