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How to Cure Cabin Fever

You’ve reorganized the family DVD collection so they appear in alphabetical order on the shelf. You’ve pretended the floor is lava and tried to survive the treacherous journey to the kitchen by way of the living room furniture. After several restless hours spent aimlessly shuffling around the house in search of ways to pass the time, that silly “snow dance” you did last night doesn’t seem like such a great idea after all. Cabin fever strikes again!

If cold weather has you stuck inside, don’t let boredom get you down. Just take a cue from our “How to Cure Cabin Fever” infographic below.

How to Survive Cabin Fever Infographic

How to Cure Your Cabin Fever

  • Bake a cake or try a new recipe
  • Make a blanket fort
  • Get a jump start on your spring cleaning
  • Complete an at-home workout

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