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Ready…set…win up to $1,000? That’s right! The DirectDrive® Challenge is here and it’s time to start logging trips, earning points, and winning prizes. Between 6/27/16 and 7/17/16, you could enter for your chance to win up to $1,000. Visit DirectDrive Challenge for more contest and sweepstakes details and check out our top tips for maximizing your points on the DirectDrive® App below! How fast do you think you can climb to the top of the leaderboard?

Never heard of DirectDrive?
If you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out what DirectDrive is, put the brakes on for a moment. DirectDrive is a completely free app for your smartphone that helps you keep an eye on your driving behavior (like how hard you tend to brake, how fast you go, and how quickly you accelerate). We created this app because we’re big fans of safe driving at Direct Auto Insurance, and we hope you are too. Like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says, “Driving safely is living safely.”

Get started with DirectDrive!
Before you can start racking up points, you’ll need to download DirectDrive in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Already have it downloaded? Start your engine and follow these tips for getting more points during each logged trip!

5 Ways to Maximize Your DirectDrive Points - Direct Auto

#1: Slow your roll.
When approaching a stop sign, red light, or highway traffic jam, focus on braking slowly and smoothly. Not only could stopping gently help you earn points on the app, but it’s better for nearly every other part of your car. Hard braking can wear out bushings, bearings, and springs, say the folks on NPR’s CarTalk, plus your passengers will appreciate the smooth ride.

#2: Avoid driving like Speed Racer.
Sure, zipping around corners and pushing the speed limit looks like fun, but going over the speed limit even by 10 mph translates to a 78 percent increase in collision energy. Driving at a lower speed and staying under the posted speed limit are easy ways to stay safer AND collect valuable points during each logged trip.

#3: Log every errand.
Running to get a Redbox™ movie for the weekend? Picking up a gallon of milk (plus cookies and candy for the movie)? Make sure to click “Start Trip” on the app each time you hop in the car to run an errand, even if it’s only a few miles up the road. Each trip you make over one mile could mean more points, and every point counts as the competition heats up! You could even earn bonus points for logging a certain number of trips in a single day!

#4: Go on a mini-road trip.
Longer drives are a great way to really pile on the points (and the bonus Achievements). Cha-ching! Take a one-tank road trip to a not-so-distant city and spend some hard-earned time with your family or friends, all while racking up point after point on DirectDrive.

#5: DON’T put the “pedal to metal.”
Smooth acceleration is the final key to earning more points than your fellow, lead-footed driver. Unnecessary speed peaks (and abrupt braking) not only waste fuel, but also raise your stress level while driving, says EcoDrive.org.

These safe driving tips are likely to help you earn more points while using the DirectDrive App, but more importantly, they could also help keep you and your family safer while out on the road. There are more than 1,700 fatalities and 840,000 injuries each year due to vehicle crashes off public highways, reports the NHTSA, and that’s a statistic we’d like to see decrease.

If you haven’t already, download DirectDrive today! Start logging miles and start climbing the leaderboard. Who knows…you may be the next DirectDrive Challenge winner!

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