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Not sure how to spend your tax return this year? Sure, there are probably tons of things you’d love to do with your tax refund, but it’s important to make it count. Here are a few ideas for smart ways to spend your tax refund:

1. Give Your Car Some TLC

With spring just around the corner, jumpstart your spring cleaning with a little tender loving care for your car. Winter can be harsh on your vehicle, so why not take it in for that maintenance check you’ve been putting off? Whether your going in for an oil change or a new set of tires, your car and your wallet will thank you for the TLC.

2. Create or Bulk Up Your Emergency Funds

Whether you have some funds put away already or are just now starting to save, it’s important to have some backup cash in case of an emergency. Looking for a convenient way to keep the emergency funds on hand? A prepaid debit card can help. You can fill up the card with funds online or by phone. You may find it comes in handy when something unexpected comes up. After all, no one ever worries about being overprotected.

3. Fix That Thing That You’ve Been Meaning to Fix

Maybe it’s that pesky garage door opener or that annoying leaky pipe. Whatever it is that’s been on your to-do list forever, use the extra cash to get it all done. You’ll feel better knowing it’s finally taken care of. (No more cursing at inanimate objects!)

4. Pay Down Debt

If you’ve got debt, now is the time you could put a sum of money towards it. The advantage of using refund money is that you won’t necessarily miss the funds. Plus, you’ll save in the long run when it comes to interest fees and your credit score. (The only thing you’ll owe is a compliment to yourself for being so money-savvy.)

5. Invest in Auto Insurance

If you’ve been waiting on your tax return to purchase affordable car insurance, now is the time! Direct Auto Insurance offers auto insurance plus a number of flexible options and discounts to help get you on the road and keep money in your pocket for something more fun. Did somebody say “dashboard hula girls”?

How will you be spending your refund this tax season? Let us know below in the comments!


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