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The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family. If you’ve got a car enthusiast to shop for, then we’ve got a gift for you: a handpicked list of perfect stocking stuffers for your beloved grease monkey or gear head! Mix and match a few of these affordable gifts for car lovers, or go all out and purchase all ten for about $100!**

#1: Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount ($7.99)

This is the perfect accessory for anyone who uses a GPS app on their smartphone while driving. The mount fits into the air vent of the car, which makes installation a breeze (no pun intended). Your car lover can pop their phone into the mount to use it while, most importantly, keeping both hands safely on the wheel.

#2: Fast Car Charger with Two Ports ($9.99)

This gift is particularly useful for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car or tends to watch hours of cat videos on-the-go (talk about some seriously battery draining fun!). This charger is compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets, so your car enthusiast will never have to worry about their gadgets dying on long trips. It even has two ports, so they can charge two devices at once!

#3: Windshield Sun Shade ($11.89)

Most people have experienced the pain of sitting on piping hot car seats after the car has been baking in the sun for awhile, but did you know that the sun can actually damage and even ruin the upholstery and electronic systems in a car? Help your car lover protect their vehicle with this universal and easy to use windshield sun shade.

#4: Armor All Car Protectant and Cleaning Wipes ($5.97)

This gift doesn’t need much of an explanation. If your car lover enjoys keeping their vehicle looking clean and cared for, they’ll enjoy these disposable protecting and cleaning wipes for all sorts of surfaces, from the dashboard to the door handles.

#5: Roadside Emergency Kit ($23.88)

The best way to show a loved one you care is to invest in their safety. Give them this emergency kit to keep in their car in case they ever find themselves in trouble. It comes with a flashlight, jumper cables, nine piece tool set, and more. It’s the perfect gift for a road warrior who likes to take the path less traveled.

#6: Snow Brush with Foam Grip ($8.95)

You never realize how important these brushes are until you desperately need one and don’t have one! Give this durable and practical gift to anyone who drives in snowy conditions, because frozen fingers can be such a drag!

#7: Digital Tire Gauge ($11.99)

Tire pressure decreases right along with the outside temperature, and it’s imperative that your car enthusiast is regularly checking their tire pressure to avoid any mishaps. This simple, digital gauge will make it easy for them to check their tire pressure whenever and wherever the tire pressure light pops on.

#8: Tire Plug Kit ($8.09)

Make sure your friend or loved one never gets stranded due to a small tire puncture. With this tire plug kit, they can handle small repairs on their own without having to painstakingly remove the tire from the rim.

#9: Battery & Alternator Tester ($9.99)

If your car battery is near death, it’s much more convenient to find out on your own schedule. Help your friend by giving them this battery and alternator tester which can be used on all 12V batteries.

#10: Save-a-Deer Whistle ($7.95)

Here’s a terrifying fact: about 150 people are killed annually due to vehicle collisions with deer, says the Insurance Information Institute. Protect your car lover (or animal lover) with this simple whistle, which emits a sound that alerts deer, moose, elk, antelope, and even kangaroos of an approaching vehicle when the car is moving over 35 mph.

Hopefully this list gave you some unique and affordable gift-giving inspiration for the car lover in your life. Follow Direct Auto Insurance on Twitter and Facebook for more fun holiday ideas, including tasty recipes, party tips, and giveaways!


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**Total cost of all gifts as of 11/15/2015 is $106.69. All prices are via Amazon.com and do not include shipping or handling.