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Couple sitting on floor unpacking moving boxes

The moving truck is gone and you’re finally in your brand new “home sweet home.” Apart from unpacking, there are a few other important things to do to help make sure your new life gets off to a smooth start. Follow this post-move checklist to ease the stress after moving to a new home!

After Moving to a New Home…

Ensure all boxes are present and in good condition.

As soon as all of your boxes are unloaded and safely in your new place, count them! Check that none of your belongings were lost in the move, left at your old home, or forgotten in the front seat of the moving truck. After you’ve ensured everything is there, examine all boxes and furniture for any damage. If you used professional movers and anything has been lost or damaged during the move, don’t wait to report it and request a refund – let the moving company know immediately.

Clean the floors and walls.

An empty house is so much easier to clean than a furnished house. Before you start setting up furniture and pushing bookshelves and such against walls, move the boxes to the middle of each room. Vacuum the carpet, wipe down the baseboards, sweep the floors, and clean any marks on the walls. You’ll never be able to clean so thoroughly again until you’re moving out!

Get your utilities up and running.

You probably got a jumpstart on this before moving day, but you’ll want to finish setting up your utilities ASAP. This could include water, power, gas, cable, and Internet. If you’re moving into an apartment, your landlord will likely provide information to help you with this setup.

Locate the fuse box and water supply shut-off.

Hopefully, you’ll never have a safety concern in your new home, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Find the fuse box and main water stop valve. Being able to shut off the power or water in your home can be extremely helpful in case of an emergency. It could mean the difference between a leak and a flood or a few sparks and a blazing fire. Familiarize yourself with the furnace and water heater, as well.

Double-check your car insurance coverage.

This is especially important if you’ve moved across the country, since car insurance requirements vary from state to state. Call your car insurance company and notify them of your move. Ask if your old coverage meets your new state’s requirements and if you’re eligible for any new discounts, which also vary from state to state! If this move means you or your spouse became a homeowner, you could qualify for a homeowner discount of up to 15%.

Update your address with… everyone!

While you’re on the phone with your insurance company, update your address! You’ll need to make sure that your new address is on file everywhere, especially with any place that sends you important bills. That includes schools, banks (even if you bank online), credit card companies, the DMV, your health insurance provider, favorite online retailers, and subscription sites. Avoid missing mail in the transition by filling out an official USPS change of address form. Any mail that is sent via USPS will be forwarded to your new address for six months.

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