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Family is enjoying their own affordable backyard BBQ.

Summer is here, the sun is out, and the smell of barbecue is in the air! Ready to throw your own summer shindig but don’t want to burn your budget? Check out these clever cost-cutting ways to host a BBQ that sizzles—for less!

Serve up the sales. One of the most expensive parts of a barbecue can be the food, especially the meat. Check out grocery ads beforehand, clip coupons, and if possible, compare grocery prices online to save some money on everything from your famous pasta salad to your sweat-inducing salsa!

Embrace all the meats! Don’t feel pressured to buy the biggest steaks you can find. Chicken breasts, pork chops, and even some types of seafood are all great on the grill and can often be more affordable than beef depending on the market and time of year. Even classic choices, like hotdogs and hamburgers, will be appreciated by your guests. Speaking of…

Dress up the dogs (and patties). It’s about time that these simple summer classics got a serious upgrade. Put out some savory ingredients, like multiple types of cheeses, grilled onions, and spicy sauces to really put your BBQ bash over the edge. For hamburgers, feel free to stuff them with cheese before going on the grill. Your guests will love the cheesy surprise!

Meat Tip! Most supermarkets mark down their meat in the morning, just as it reaches the “best buy date.” Call your store’s meat department and ask what time they mark their meats down. Hit them up the day of your BBQ or just before to find great deals on the meat you want! Now that’s what you call a “meating of the minds!”

Bring sass to your sauces. Forget fancy store-bought sauces in extravagant bottles. Marinades, sauces, and rubs are super easy to make yourself (and often cheaper)! Check out a variety of recipes from Delish for some “next-level BBQ.”

DIY decor is SO in. No need to spend your budget on decorations. Dollar store chic should be your go-to. Grab traditional, disposable red and white checkered tablecloths, themed party favors, and mason jars to fill with fresh flowers. Even more fun? The mason jars can double as drinking glasses after your get-together!

Game time greatness. Who says you have to buy a fancy piece of plastic (we know what you’re thinking-Twister?) or play what may now seem like a tiny version of Jenga? If you have a bit of lawn space or a community area to work with, you can easily set up fun games for your guests to enjoy. Create multiple twister boards on the grass for people to stretch out their inner-kid. Looking to get even more hands on? Create your own giant Jenga game – just be careful when it collapses!

Did you know! Check with your landlord or community manager if you live in an apartment and plan on using the community area for your gathering and games. You may need to reserve the space or follow certain guidelines.

Party it up, potluck style! Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to chip in. Asking for things like side dishes, plates, cutlery, drinks, and ice will help take the stress off you and let others feel like they’re pitching in. Plus, some guests may enjoy showing off their homemade sauces and creative burger toppings!

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