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Mom and Daughter Relaxing in Hammock

Being a mom is a full-time job. If moms were paid for all the work they do, Salary.com estimates that they would earn $118,905. We know that they’re worth every penny, which is why we put together these helpful life hacks to help busy moms save time and spend more with their most important clients—their families!

The Car

Keep the trash under control. Random chicken nuggets, scraps of homework, and maybe the occasional pet rock—you never know what you’ll find on the floor of the backseat! Fill an old wipes container with grocery sacks for easy access trash bags, or put a grocery bag in a plastic cereal container for spill-proof trashcan that’s easy to dump and even easier to clean!

Give ‘em easy access to boredom fighters. Hang a fabric shoe holder over the back of one (or both) of your front seats. Keep the kids’ toys, games, and snacks organized in the compartments!

The Kitchen

Let the little ones help. Ok, give us a chance! Most moms know that while it’s cute when your child wants to help in the kitchen, they’re usually better at making a mess than helping you get the meal cooked and on the table. Don’t shoo your child away! Mom.me suggests opening your dishwasher and letting them use the door as their mixing and stirring station. That way you can focus on preparing the meal and when it’s time to clean up, just close the dishwasher!

Get the groceries inside. With a few kids in tow, completing your grocery shopping can be quite a chaotic experience. Keep it simple by packing an “urgent bag” at checkout. Seventh Generation suggests having all of the fridge and freezer items packed together so that when you get home, only one bag has to come in should one of your children need your attention—ASAP!

The Rest of It

Make bath time do double-time. Keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom. While your little ones are playing in the tub, wipe down the toilet and sink.  Just make sure you keep the cleaning supplies out of the little one’s reach.

Share the load. Create a chore chart. According to Living Well Spending Less, kids as young as two can help out around the house. Learn how to create and print a chore chart that works, for free!

As a busy parent, what do you do to help you save time? Share your mom hacks with the Direct community below!

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